Providing you with divine choices.


Chef Mbali

Chef Mbali Henry was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in St. Maarten. Her love for cooking started at the young age of 7. Learning how to create authentic, healthy cuisines has followed her throughout her culinary career. She was able to make a home in the United States years later.

Never abandoning her Caribbean roots, she infused her knowledge of flavoring and flare into foods many of us call Soul Food. In 2006, Oh Soul Divine was born.

Her dream was to create delicious and nutritious vegan choices that feed your soul and your cellular structure. Along with traditional cooked foods, Chef Mbali has worked in the vegan raw food industry for over 6 years. She uses both niches to feed the community. Her versatility allows Oh Soul Divine to be in high demand at many festivals held around the Atlanta area. You may see her selling her healthy and affordable plates, with a smile, at an event near you.

Chef Mbali is available for private events, catering and personal meal preparation services. Contact her to bring the divine energy of vegan soul food to your table.